Mico argentatus

The fur of the silvery marmoset is colored . Scientific name, Callithrix argentata. Learn more about the Silvery marmoset – with amazing Silvery marmoset photos and facts on Arkive.

See more ideas about Primates, Animals and Monkey. Mico argentatus (preferred by IUCN). Consulta más información en flic. CITATION: IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature).

Silvery Marmoset – Mico Argentatus copia300x300crop_art-print. Behind Marwell Hall at the top of the grassy bank with other primates. El Tapado Pampas deer population. Over million professional high quality royalty free stock photos and video. Fur is colored whitish silver-grey except for dark tail.

Remarkable are its nake flesh-colored ears which stand out from skin. High quality Mico Argentatus inspired Wall Art by independent artists and designers from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide . These small New World monkeys live in the eastern parts ofthe Amazon .

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DNA sequences of mitochondrial genes. Classe Mammalia Ordem Primata Subordem Haplorrhini Infraordem Simiiformes Pavordem . SAGUI-BRANCO ( MICO ARGENTATUS ). Foto registrada em Santarém-PA, por Margi Moss. Diet: Sap and gum of trees, fruit, insects, and leaves.

Rio Roosevelt, at less than km from the type locality of Mico marcai.